We Needed Our Sidewalks to Match

I had never really given sidewalks a lot of thought before, but that was only because I had never been on the purchase end of getting some put in. When my wife and I decided to have our driveway redone, the contractor suggested that we redo our sidewalks to match the pavement on the driveway. I didn’t think it would really matter much because who would really notice the difference? Well, it turns out that I would. I did a search for concrete sidewalks in Nassau County before calling the company back that did our driveway, because I wanted them to go ahead with the sidewalks to match.

The driveway looked really great by the time they were done with it, and we had received a lot of compliments on it. A good friend of ours who is a photographer even took a picture for us with her drone and sent it to us. That is when I noticed that the generic looking sidewalks looked really bad next to the driveway. I had noticed before seeing the drone picture, obviously, but I just didn’t think that it was enough of a difference to incur an additional expense.

Well, my wife took that decision away from me, and I am so glad that she did. The reason that I looked at other concrete sidewalks in the area is because I wanted to see just how many people had driveway and sidewalk combinations like us, and we were definitely in the minority. My wife had contacted the company by that time to come back out and redo our sidewalks, and I will be the first to admit that I was wrong about the sidewalks. The curb appeal now is so much better than what it was before, and now we are finally done with the outdoor renovations.