How Much is It Going to Cost to Go to the Prom?

When a young person thinks about their prom night, the things that are going to their heads are things related to who they’re going to go with, what they’re going to do once they get there, and how nice they’re going to look in their prom dresses. Parents on the other hand have a very different set of concerns when it comes to the prom. They are concerned about the types of activities that their children are going to be engaging in. They’re concerned about the individuals that their children are going to be associated with. They’re concerned whether or not their children will give in to peer pressure, and do something that they might regret later. Also, many parents are deeply concerned about the price of going to the prom. How much is all of this going to cost they might ask.

According to most estimates, the average American parent is going to spend more than $1000 on the prom for their children. The prom has gone from being an event where young people get together to celebrate the end of their public education, to being the trendy event of the year. Every young person at the prom is concerned with showing up their fellow classmates.

The vast majority of the expenses connected to the prom usually fall on the shoulders of the parents. At times parents might even use the prom as a way to incentivize their children to do well in school. They may tell their children that if they do well in school, then their entire prom will be paid for.

So the best advice for parents who are looking to cover the expenses of their child going to the prom is start saving right now. If your child is in junior high school, set aside a few dollars every single month towards the prom. If at all possible encourage your child to also set aside some of their own money to cover the expenses of their prom.