How Major Industries Are Benefiting from Search Engine Optimization

In most industries today, search engine optimization has become a primary marketing resource. This includes major industries like automotive, consumer retail, technology and banking.

For about the past seven years, the number of businesses using search engine optimization for their marketing needs has been steadily increasing. In the automotive industry for example, major automobile companies like Chrysler and Ford are using search engine marketing campaigns to promote the launch of their latest cars. So far this strategy seems to be working, because car sales across the country have increased by fifteen percent. In the technology industry, giant companies like Pixar and Apple have seen some very positive results by using search engine marketing in their product launches and movie campaigns.

However, the two industries that probably use search engine marketing the most are the consumer retail and banking industries. As a result of losing customers due to the economy, many banks today are using online marketing strategies to help them regain old customers and attract new business.