Great Deals Online for This Coming Black Friday

more black friday 2011 ad scans related posts best buy black friday ...I am really excited for Black Friday this year, because for once, I actually have enough money saved up in order to be able to afford a number of purchases on Black Friday. As such, I am really looking forward to getting a number of good deals, and I am hoping that I will be able to find a site that offers black friday online deals at great prices. I am not sure what all I want to buy this year, but I have a rough idea as to a few things that I would like to purchase.

One thing I would really like to be able to purchase, as long as I can get a deal that I feel is very good, is a nice, large, LCD TV. I definitely want to make sure that I get a TV that is 1080p, because right now I have an LCD tv that is not very large, and to make matters worse, its highest resolution setting is only 1080i.