Always Use a Real Camera

Cyber Monday Tablet Deals 2012 | Cyber Monday Tablet Deals 2012There are tons of sites dedicated to finding the best cyber monday sales 2013 already. That is insane if you think about it, stores have not even begun to compile their list of things that will likely be on sale, so for the sites to already have some insider information to make them is quite impressive. They already know some of the things that you should look out for, like who is selling tvs this year and who is selling cameras. So many people have cameras in their smart phones, it is insane. It has driven the price of cameras to all time lows because nobody wants to buy them. The worst camera in the world is still better than the camera that you are using inside of your smart phone, so you should go ahead and buy one. I mean who wouldn’t want their pictures to look even better. Also while we are on the subject of cameras, they are not meant to take pictures of yourself, so you should probably stop doing that in the mirror.